Stage 1

Submitting the application for participation

You can easily submit an application for participation in Vape Awards by filling up a simple form. Only participants and sponsors of VAPEXPO are allowed to submit the application.

Stage 2

Online voting and determination of finalists

Do not forget to vote for your favorite and enhance their chances of winning!

Define three finalists in the following nominations:

• The best original taste of e-liquid;

• The best fruit e-liquid;

• The best dessert e-liquid;

• The best e-liquid with tobacco taste;

• The best e-liquid with a taste of a drink;

• The best e-liquid bottle design.

You should also choose winners in nominations: The best mod design,  The best blogger, The best foreign brand.

Stage 3

Taste and vote 

You will be able to taste and select the best e-liquid on the exhibition in the specially allotted Tasting Zone. Everyone can test and vote. Please note that the Tasting Zone will be open until 3 p.m. on December 1. Tasting the e-liquids will be available only to the RDA owners. Besides, you will be able to determine the winner in The best e-liquid bottle design category by polling.


Stage 4

Determination and rewarding of winners

The vote counting will be followed by the long-awaited awarding ceremony of Vape Awards 2019 winners - at 4 p.m. on December 1.


The best original taste of e-liquid
The best e-liquid with tobacco taste
The best fruit e-liquid
The best dessert e-liquid
The best e-liquid with a taste of a drink
The best e-liquid bottle design
The best mod design
The best blogger
The best foreign brand