Stage 1

Till 24.11.2017

Submission of applications

You can submit your application for VAPEXPO MOSCOW AWARDS by filling the form. Not only exhibition participants but also companies who are not exhibitors or sponsors are allowed to submit an application for VAPEXPO MOSCOW AWARDS.          

Stage 2

13.11 - 06.12.2017

Online voting

Do not forget to vote for your favorite participants and enhance their chances to win! This stage primarily depends on you!

Stage 3


Determining of 3 finalists in the categories:

●    The best mod.
●    The best mod design.
●    The best design of e-liquid bottle.
●    The best fruit e-juice.
●    The best dessert e-liquid.
●    The best e-liquid with a taste of a drink;
●    The best e-liquid with a taste of tobacco;
●    The best original taste of e-liquid.

Determining of winners in the categories:

●    The best YouTube channel.
●    The best blog.
●    The best online shop.
●    The best shop.

Stage 4


The jury determines winners in the following categories:

●    The best mod;
●    The best mod design;
●    The best design of e-liquid bottle;
●    The best fruit e-juice;
●    The best dessert e-liquid;
●    The best e-liquid with a taste of a drink;
●    The best e-liquid with a taste of tobacco; 

●    The best original taste of e-liquid.

During the exhibition, there will be visitors' voting in nominations:

●    The best stand.


The best e-liquid with tobacco taste
The best original taste of e-liquid
The best YouTube channel
The best blog
The best online shop
The best mod
Shop of the year
The best stand
The best e-liquid bottle design
The best fruit e-liquid
The best dessert e-liquid
The best e-liquid with a taste of a drink