8 May 2018

A little time left until VAPE Awards voting starts. Hurry up to register!

A little time left until VAPE Awards voting starts. Hurry up to register!

The voting for nominees of one of the major vaping industry awards — VAPE Awards – will start on May 21. Hurry up!  

Any company desiring to announce itself at the greatest vape party of the summer is allowed to submit an application: to win in the nomination, you do not necessarily have to be an exhibitor or participant of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018; you should just register in time!    

You may become the most demanded manufacturer among vapers by winning in the following categories: 

• The Best Design Of E-Liquid Bottle.

• The Best Fruit E-Liquid.

• The Best Dessert E-Liquid.

• The Best E-Liquid With A Taste Of Tobacco.

• The Best Original Taste of E-Liquid.

• The Best Mod Design.

Participants of VAPE Awards final will be selected using online voting on the website. The voting will start on May 21 instead of May 15 so that companies will definitely manage to submit their applications. You still have a little time to do this!    

Sharing information, asking friends to vote for you: any fair methods to become leaders are encouraged. Cheating and bot applying will result in disqualification.   

What are the benefits for winners? Awarding on the main stage of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 and recognition by the vape crowd! Do not miss your chance and register immediately. 

Are you going to attend the ceremony? Do not forget to buy a ticket!