11 December 2018

The stage of online voting within Vape Awards is closed. You will define the winner!

The stage of online voting within Vape Awards is closed. You will define the winner!

After checking all participants on the account of bots, we will announce three best in every nomination. You will define the ultimate winner! Come to VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 and give your vote to the best manufacturer.

The stage of online voting for nominees of Vape Awards lasted for 10 days: every participant received a maximum of fair votes from users. Basing on results, three contenders for the victory in each of the following nominations will be defined:

  • Best fruit e-liquid;
  • Best dessert e-liquid;
  • Best drink-flavored e-liquid;
  • Best tobacco-flavored e-liquid;
  • Best original flavor of e-liquid.

You are destined to decide who of the nominees is worth the title of the best! On December 14, attendees of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 will be able to test the e-liquids presented at the contest and give their votes to e-liquids of the highest quality. Voting and degustation will take place in the Tasting Zone from 11:00 to 16:00.

What is required to influence the outcome of Vape Awards?

Voting is available to the first 200 registered guests with a personal mech mod.

To access the Tasting Zone, vapers will get a special judge’s bracelet.

E-liquids of nominees will be served in identic bottles with a number (without the company’s name).

Within the Zone, you will find a QR code that gives access to the voting form in Google Docs.

You can enter and leave the Tasting Zone as well as vote repeatedly – you do not have to test all e-liquids at once.

The voting will end at 16:00 and the anticipated Vape Awards will start at the main stage at 17:00.

A reminder for all participating companies: it is necessary to provide us with the e-liquid for the vapers to test it in the Tasting Zone (not fewer than 3 bottles of 60 ml for each nomination).

Contact person: Myroslava Buzikevich, coordinator of Vape Awards.

+7 966 362 46 12

E-mail: m.buzikevich@smileexpo.org

Skype: mbuzikev24grb

There has never been such a transparent people’s voting before!

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