26 December 2017

Interesting competition and worthy opponents. Vape Awards ceremony through the winners’ eyes

Interesting competition and worthy opponents. Vape Awards ceremony through the winners’ eyes

On December 9, the final vape exhibition of the year, VAPEXPO Moscow, held the ceremony of awarding the best representatives of the vape industry - the Vape Awards. The award found its heroes in 12 nominations.

And as we all know, success is never judged, it’s interviewed. On the next day, the VAPEXPO team spoke with the most worthy vapers of the Vape Awards. How do you feel about your victory? Were there enough competitors? These and other questions were answered by:

  • Manufacturer Max Sabomov (victory in the nomination "Best mod", device - Crassus mod);
  • LA Vape representative ("Best e-liquid with a drink flavor", e-liquid - La Liga Vape Menta);
  • ParNyxa representative ("Best blog");
  • Vape Shop Parobar representative ("Best Store of the Year");
  • Vape Sfera representative ("Best liquid with a tobacco flavor", e-liquid - Three tobaccos);
  • Taboo representative ("Best e-liquid bottle design").

Tell us about the participation and most importantly – your victory

Max Sabomov (M. S.): It was exciting, but at the same time I was certain of my victory (smiling .- Ed.).

LA Vape (L. V.): We were satisfied. What else is there say about the victory? (laughs - Ed.).

ParNyxa (P.): Actually, everything was very cool, I was only shocked by the amount of cheaters. But thanks to a timely response from the organizers, the issue was off.

Vape Shop Parobar (V. S. P.): It was incredibly nice to be among like-minded people who wanted to win as much as we did. When opening the vape shop, we tried to make it the best from the beginning, not just one of many. That’s why in a year of work, we got fans who helped us get the "Best shop of the Year" title for the first time (at summer VAPEXPO. – Ed.). After six months, the "army" of Parobar replenished and helped us get the precious award without any cheating again! And the competitors tried to get fake votes for us, so that we are disqualified, but we were watching, and thanks to responsibility of the Vape Awards organizing committee, the award was fare.

Vape Sfera (V. S.): I'm a bit shocked by the result and judges’ emotions: in my opinion, they did not react LIKE THAT to any other e-juice! Our tobacco e-juice is very popular among customers. To show it at the exhibition and take first place in the open testing - this is the highest award for me.

Do you think enough companies participated? Who, in your opinion, should have been there or whom you would like to see at the ceremony?

(M. S.): Yes, enough. Interesting competition. Worthy opponents. Everyone is good at something, and all good fellows!

(L. V.): The ceremony is held on a voluntary basis - everyone has the right to decide whether to put their name down for voting or not, so our preferences about the participants will not change anything.

(P.): Everyone who wanted to participate was accepted, and this is the most important thing. I think that from just our wishes the number of companies will not increase.

(V. S.): In my opinion, organizers need to increase the number of winning places and places in the final (from three to at least five), and for to increase objectivity - the number of judges. Perhaps the process will take a bit longer, but more companies will be able to show themselves and hear a decent feedback.

(T.): We think that all those who wanted to participate - participated.

What do you think about the Vape Awards after party? Did you get some rest and have some fun?

(M. S.): It was really not bad. It's hard to say whether it turned out great or not - everyone was tired that day. But everything went on at the proper level.

(L. V.): It's difficult to give an objective assessment of the party, because with colleagues any party becomes special, especially when it's Vape Awards.

(P.): Yes, everything was cool!

(V. S. P.): The award is great in terms of organization: everything is clear and fare, there were many worthy participants in all categories. We didn’t get a chance to relax at the party, because we were communicating with manufacturers and wholesalers. But it this informal communication gave us the necessary and strong connections for the future.

(V. S.): The party was a great success, much more fun than in the summer. We managed to communicate in a nice informal setting with both future suppliers and potential buyers. And everything was on point, as always!

Share your thoughts about VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 as a whole.

(M. S.): The exhibition could not hold up to the summer VAPEXPO. But I very much hope that the Smile-Expo team will prepare an amazing exhibition for us next year. Especially I want to compliment the alley of Russian mech mods – it’s an excellent idea and the organization is great!

(L. V.): Despite the small number of participants, it was an excellent exhibition! In addition, we all understand that this is not the organizers’ fault, it’s because manufacturers and distributors decided not to come for some reason. In any case, VAPEXPO has once again united people with common interests, and we are thankful for that!

(P.): Everything was cool, as always. The organizers once again held an event that was nice for working and relaxing.

(V. S. P.): It's good that there are more distributors at the exhibition. For us, as a vape shop network, it's an opportunity to see what’s trending right now. If before we had to get contacts from each manufacturer and then go through all the cards and samples for several days, now it’s way easier: a couple of wholesalers and each has dozens of manufacturers in the portfolio. The industry had to come to this and it did, and we have to thank VAPEXPO for that as well.

(V. S.): To be honest, I expected more foreign participants. In the future, I would like to see two pavilions.

(T.): In our opinion, the exhibition was a success. I really liked that there was a whole day for B2B with quiet music and no giveaways.