20 November 2019

Support the Coolest Nominees of Vape Awards: Vote Responsibly!

Support the Coolest Nominees of Vape Awards: Vote Responsibly!

Wanna support your favorite vape manufacturer or blogger? Follow the rules! Voting for the Vape Awards participants will last till November 22 and we’ll check all the votes before announcing the finalists.

We’re sure that you’ve checked out so much liquids and devices that you can be surely considered an expert. Hurry up and give your vote to the best ones and make it right. Don’t forget that we’re following the rules.

You can ask people to vote on the websites, in social networks and ask your friends as well. On the other side, cheating, using bots and other unfair methods are strictly forbidden. If votes for Vape Awards nominees and accounts of voters are suspicious, we won’t accept them in the overall estimation.

Please respect your and our time: vote honestly! Let’s choose the best leaders of the vaping industry together! At the end of the online voting period and checking for bot activity, we’ll announce the finalists; manufacturers of e-liquids will present their products in the special Tasting Zone (fighting for the final victory).

There’s not much time left to support your favorite, so do that now!

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