26 October 2018

Vape Awards ceremony: who will determine winners this winter?

Vape Awards ceremony: who will determine winners this winter?

Winter Vapexpo Moscow 2018 will feature the Vape Awards ceremony. This time, exhibition attendees will judge the best manufacturers of e-liquids and devices. 

This year, the traditional ceremony will follow the new rules. It is users of the Vape Awards website that will choose finalists and exhibition guests that will define winners. You are the chief experts now!        

The first stage of Vape Awards and registration of users will last from November 1 to November 30 inclusive. Only participants and sponsors of Vapexpo Moscow 2018 are allowed to submit the application. The second stage will start on December 1: online voting for determining ceremony finalists.     

Within 10 days, vapers will be able to vote for their favorites and enhance their chances of winning. Only three nominees in each category will enter the final.  

Nominations of Vape Awards:  

• The Best Design Of E-Liquid Bottle;

• The Best Fruit E-Liquid;

• The Best Dessert E-Liquid;

• The Best E-Liquid With A Taste Of Tobacco;

• The Best E-Liquid With A Taste Of a Drink;

• The Best Original Taste Of E-Liquid;

• The Best Mod Design;

• The Best Stand. 

The winner in The Best Mod Design category will be defined just after online voting. Guests will be able to vote for The Best Stand right at the exhibition.  

The third stage will begin at the event: on December 14, the first day of Vapexpo Moscow 2018 will include tasting of prime e-juices. The first 200 event attendees owning mech mods will be able to appreciate top products by Vape Awards finalists and affect the outcome of the ceremony.     

You will be able to taste, select, and vote from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. in the special location – Tasting Zone. On this day, there will be also the vote counting and the solemn awarding of Vape Awards winners on the event main stage. It will be truly people's choice!    

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