1 November 2018

Vape Awards 2018: registration starts today!

Vape Awards 2018: registration starts today!

Cakes has icing, hotdogs – mustard, and VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 has Vape Awards! The first day of the event will end with a significant ceremony of awarding the best manufacturers of the year, and the registration starts today!

This year the strictest and the most unbiased judges – exhibition visitors – will judge the nominees! As part of Vape Awards, we will hold anonymous testing of products, and our guests will choose a manufacturer answering the call of their hearts J

In order to carry out the testing, before December 13, the contest finalists must provide at least three 60 ml bottles of e-liquid for each of the nominations as follows:

  • The best fruit e-liquid;
  • The best dessert e-liquid;
  • The best e-liquid with a taste of tobacco;
  • The best e-liquid with a taste of a drink;
  • The best original taste of e-liquid;
  • The best design of e-liquid bottle.

E-liquids can be provided at the venue of VAPEXPO – Sokolniki ECC, by giving the bottles directly to the organizers.

But before that, your task is to go through the online voting on our official website and get into the top three finalists.


1. If you need maximum support, share the news about participation on your company's website, in social networks and among your friends.

2. Add a link to the online voting everywhere (voting period is between December 1 and December 10);

3. Use any methods except for cheating with the number of votes using bots. You remember that the organizers check every participant, yeah? In case of using fraudulent software, we will have to disqualify the company.

Note! Now only exhibitors and sponsors of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 can apply.

Submission of applications for participation will last until November 30, 2018. Details of all stages and contest nominations are available here.

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