20 April 2018

VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards 2018: apply for participation at the exhibition – be listed among top vape brands

VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards 2018: apply for participation at the exhibition – be listed among top vape brands

Your company is a beginner on the vaping market and needs to make a name? Or you are a vaping business shark striving to attract even more clients? Well, fill in the application form to become a participant of VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards, get an award and be recognized as the most demanded manufacturer of e-devices!

On the first day of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 scheduled for June 8, a ceremony of awarding top vape representatives – VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards will take place! Today, the participants registration has kicked off. It will be available until May 25. You can compete for six nominations:

  • ‘Best fruit e-liquid’.
  • ‘Best dessert e-liquid'.
  • ‘Best tobacco e-liquid’.
  • ‘Best original taste of e-liquid’.
  • ‘Best design of e-liquid bottle’.
  • ‘Best mode design'.

Who can take part?

Traditionally, not only an exhibitor or a sponsor of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018, but any vape manufacturer striving to prove his mastery can take part in the contest.

Participation in the exhibition will not influence your company’s performance but surely bring profit to your business:

  • boost your brand recognition since about 10 000 people attend VAPEXPO Moscow;
  • raise sales because these 10 000 visitors are your target audience, they don’t just taste but also buy the product;
  • if you become a winner of Awards on the first exhibition day, more people will show interest in your product during the second day;
  • your company can establish new business contacts, which is time-taking and more difficult outside VAPEXPO.

Selection principle

On May 21 – June 5, an online poll among website users is to kick off. The results will reveal three leading participants in each nomination who will appear in the final. VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards jury will select the best ones on the exhibition day.

To increase the chances, you need to:

  • fill in the registration form as soon as possible in this way increasing the time for voting;
  • share the news about the participation on the company’s website, in social networks or just tell your friends – you need their support, don’t you?
  • add a link to the online poll everywhere;
  • take any actions apart from voice cheating using bots. The organizers will check each participant. In case of any fraudulent software, a company gets disqualified.

Want to be the first to find out the contest results?

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