1 June 2017

VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards: veni, vidi, vote

VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards: veni, vidi, vote

Vaper, you have your favorite e-liquids, box mods and a beloved YouTube channel, don’t you? Now, you can show your love towards those who involve you into the world of vaping!

From today till June 13, as part of VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards, you can vote for your favorite representatives of vaping industry in the following nominations:

  • The best mod;
  • The best mod design;
  • The best e-liquid bottle design;
  • The best fruits e-liquid;
  • The best dessert e-liquid;
  • The best drink flavored e-liquid;
  • The best tobacco flavored e-liquid;
  • The best original e-liquid flavor;
  • The best YouTube channel;
  • The best blog;
  • The best online shop.

To give your vote, follow the link and choose the best participant!

Those who want fame and recognition for all vapers in Russia, hasten! We will be accepting your applications for participation until June 13.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become the best and obtain a reward at VAPEXPO MOSCOW!